Female Gets Taste of Gender Equality After Shoving Boy

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Murderer Has Violent Outburst After Getting Life in Prison

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Girl Ends Fight with a Vicious Headbutt to Her Opponent

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Mom Drops Her Daughter off at First Porn Video Shoot

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When a Professional Pole Dancer Visited This Park, All the Men Started to Sweat

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This outdoor gym in Ukraine is not something you’ll see everyday. Same with the chick. Professional pole dancer and CrossFit enthusiast Helena Kazakevich is stronger than a lot of men. She made this video near a beach...

Little Guy Shows Size Doesn’t Matter Against 7 Foot Giant

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Much Bigger Bully Gets Dominated by Martial Arts

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Skinny Bully Who Knows How to Box Beats Bigger Kid at School

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Big-mouth School Bully Demands a Fight, Ends Up Regretting It

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